Senior Safety

Senior Safety

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Helping Clermont County Seniors Stay Independent and Injury Free!

The Clermont County Senior Safety Program of the Clermont County General Health District was created by the Clermont County Senior Safety Council to help seniors reduce the risk of injury. The Senior Safety Program is funded by the Ohio Department of Health Bureau of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction and offers free fall prevention educational materials, fall prevention activities in collaboration with local community agencies and free home safety checks to help identify potential in-home safety hazards. Home safety checks are performed by local Fire/EMS or Police Department staff or Clermont Senior Home Repair personnel. Upon completion of the home safety inspection seniors can receive a free grab bar and installation, along with other needed safety aids such as flashlights, nightlights, and pillboxes.

Every year approximately one in every three adults 65 and older will fall according to the CDC. In Ohio, adults age 65 and older accounted for 82% of fatal falls in 2008 although they represent only 14% of the population.  In 2009 more than 800 Clermont County seniors  dailed 911 for a fall related emergency.  However, falls are not a normal part of aging and are often preventable. A fall injury can be costly physically, emotionally and financially. Dr. Mary Tinetti of Yale University School of Medicine reports that in light of the frequency and consequences of falling, falls can be considered as serious as stroke or heart attacks for seniors. Falls are a frequent cause of fractures in seniors as well as traumatic brain injury.

Seniors, adult caregivers, healthcare providers and local agencies and organizations must work together to keep seniors injury free. Basic fall prevention begins with learning the risk factors for falling and the appropriate interventions to lower the risk. Successful strategies for reducing the risk of falls focus on fall prevention education, increasing physical activity (including strength and balance) medication management and reducing environmental hazards.

A comprehensive senior home safety educational presentation, titled "Risky Business", is available to any interested group or organization. This presentation addresses the issues of falls, fires and medication management.

For more information on what you can do to reduce your risk of injury, or to schedule an in-home safety check or senior safety presentation please contact us.

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